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Q: When are the Bus-FMS-Standard gateways available ?
A: The members in Bus-FMS-Standard agreed to have gateways available in 2006.

Q: What is the benefit of Bus-FMS-Standard ?
A: The benefit of Bus-FMS-Standard is that there is one interface with one connector to all brands of buses and coaches who are member in Bus-FMS-Standard. Data output is standardized, so you can use a single system supporting mixed fleets.

Q: Where is the exact location of the Bus-FMS-Standard-connector ?
A: The location of the connector is not standardized, because the buses and coaches of the manufacturers who are member in the Bus-FMS-Standard are very different. Please contact the manufacturers for this information.

Q: Why are not all data of the internal bus defined in Bus-FMS-Standard ?
A: Most of the data are not need in 3rd parties systems or at operator fleets. Some data have different origin in the vehicle or are calculated in a different manner, so that the Bus-FMS-Standard Group have decided not to broadcast data which are of different origin.

Q: Am I allowed to get the data direct from the internal bus system ?
A: Direct connection to the CAN bus system for the purpose of retrieving operating data or for other purposes is not allowed as it could be extremly dangerous since it can interfere with the correct functionality of the bus systems, for example engine or brakes. See also the letter concerning the direct connection to the internal bus system on the web page (link).

Q: Do I have the chance to send requests to the Bus-FMS-Standard Group ?
A: The Bus-FMS-Standard interface is designed to meet the requirements of 3rd parties and operators. Therefore the intention is to react on the needs. Please use the feedback function on the web page for sending in requests.

Q: To whom should I address technical questions concerning the Bus-FMS-Standard ?
A: Please use the contact page "feedback" link for technical questions concerning the Bus-FMS-Standard. For commercial questions please contact the manufacturer.

Q: Is further information available ?
A: All public information is published on www.bus-fms-standard.com. Please register (no fee) for getting access to the download area. If you are registered you will receive information if something new or changed in Bus-FMS-Standard.